Stem Cell Treatments

The field of Regenerative Medicine is new and rapidly expanding. We are using stem cell injections both in clinical practice and research trials for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, most insurance companies currently do not pay for stem cell injections, but patients can cover the cost out of pocket or through their health savings accounts.

We use injections of amniotic stem cells (NuTech ReNu). These cells are taken from amniotic fluid obtained during routine deliveries of healthy babies in the US. The amniotic fluid otherwise would be discarded otherwise. The stem cells are filtered out of the fluid and concentrated. Amniotic membrane, which contains proteins that are thought to be responsible for the scarless healing when a fetus undergoes surgery while still in the womb, is made into a powder. Powdered membrane and concentrated stem cells are combined into the final injection.

Another treatment method consists of aspiration of fat from the abdomen (Lipogems). Fat tissue contains numerous stem cells, which are removed from the fat, concentrated and injected into arthritis joints are areas of inflamed tendons.